I really enjoyed the VIP experience and meeting Jimmie. It was a great way to have one on one time in a small group setting. For someone like myself I have wanted to meet Jimmie for a long time and being able to do it thru the VIP experience was much more meaningful and memorable than just going to the garages or pits along with hundreds of others and you are not able to really have a conversation or the photo opportunity with Jimmie or the experience of the VIP.

Annette H

Lakeside, CA – California 2018

My favorite part was getting the chance to talk to Jimmie and ask him some questions. The experience was better than I expected and exceeded my expectations !! The process was seemless and the directions on where and when to meet was easy and convenient.

John R

Colleyville, TX – Texas 2018

We very much enjoyed our time with Jimmie. He was very friendly with us, and it didn't feel like he was worried about rushing through it, or like he had somewhere else to be, which was a concern of mine before hand. I've been a huge 48 fan for as long as I can remember, and have had the chance a few times to get autographs and such, but never have had a chance like this to have a conversation with him and ask him questions in this type of setting, which was really refreshing. I know how busy he must be with all of his commitments on race weekend, and for him to take time out to do this provides such a great opportunity for fans that really want that extra time with him.

John H

Carnation, WA – Texas 2018

Meeting Jimmie was one of my bucket list items. I have to say he is the sweetest man, we talked about everything from Evie & Lydia, Chani, life, home, people we know, his past and his future. It was amazing he is very true honest real down to earth man. The experience was very up close and personal and a great time, if you are thinking of doing this I strongly recommend the experience you will not regret it.

Kimberly J

Lakeside, CA – California 2018

The purchase online was very easy, the communication on where to meet was easy to follow, and Blaine, who was our host, was there to meet us early, he gave us insight on what was going to happen and was super nice and chatted with us about everything. He was great! Getting the photos was super easy! I couldn’t wait to see them and share them with my friends and family to make them all jealous! Having the smaller group really made the difference as it was intimate and you truly felt like a VIP. I would definitely do this again and I highly recommend it to all the fans out there. It is an experience that I will always remember.

Susan S

Highland, CA – California 2018